A couple weeks ago I teamed up with Scott Winn aka ScottDW to test a prototype version of the Canon XC-10. I was impressed with image of the camera while using canon log. The camera is just a little heavier than the Panasonic GH4 which has been my go to camera. I love that the XC-10 is 300mbps in 4k, but I don’t love the fact that its a XF AVC file. the camera had a fairly good dynamic range with 12 stops of latitude. and I also liked the rotating handle because it made changing the battery a breeze.

The lens is a high quality 4k lens that was specially built for this camera and isn’t some kit lens. But never the less it is a fixed lens. On occasion while flying this camera when we would looks straight down the lens would slide out, and we would have to land to fix it. Perhaps this was a prototype issue, but all it takes is some tape to fix that. The autofocus seemed to have a harder time than it did when shooting from the ground. On the ground it was near flawless, but in the air we couldn’t get it to keep focus.

I think this camera has a good future with specific applications and would be a great camera for b roll work or a wide variety of run and gun work if you don’t want to have to carry lots of lenses.

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